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The Texan Theater, a downtown Cleveland icon, has become a rallying point for community members and vintage theater enthusiasts across the country.  To outsiders, the Texan Theater is a beautifully restored nostalgic small town movie house that was originally built in 1939.  The theatre boasts new releases, low prices and Texas friendly employees that make visits to the theater – and Cleveland – a memorable one.

To folks in and from Cleveland, The Texan is known as the heart of the community.  The Texan’s owner, Cliff Dunn, has maintained a family friendly atmosphere and is known for his support for all things Cleveland.  Mr. Dunn and The Texan Theater are the sorts of things Hollywood looks for when making a feel good movie.

Unfortunately, todays Hollywood will be the cause for this iconic theater to close its doors in the future  – unless, that is, if the supporters of The Texan have their say in the matter.  The theater is facing a price tag to the tune of approximately $86,000 to upgrade its equipment to show movies in digital format, because movies will no longer be available in the 35mm format the theater’s equipment has used for decades.

With prices for tickets to first run movies at only $5 for adults and $3 for children, it will take a lot of (extra large) $3 buckets of po

pcorn to raise the necessary funds.  After sharing this dilemma with a close friend, Mr. Dunn found himself, and the Texan Theater in the spotlight as a rallying point for those that love the theater and recognize the value it brings to the community.  The “Save the Texan” campaign was quickly formed and moving forward at lightning speed.

Save the Texan set a goal to raise $86,000 this year.  To a Hollywood big shot this amount is a small drop in their bucket of wealth.  To a community where the median income is $29,280, the number is substantial.  Those heading up the campaign are confident that they will rally the community and achieve their goal; in fact they have already raised over $36,000 after their first major fundraiser, a BBQ dinner.

Hollywood may require more than a heart of gold and the support of a community to send its films out… but the c

ommunity of Cleveland is determined to show that sometimes, that’s just what it takes to keep films coming to town.

More fundraisers are planned and you are invited to rally with the community in support of The Texan.

The next fundraiser will be at The Texan (102 E. Houston) during Hometown Christmas, Saturday, December 1st at 5 pm.  There will be a live and silent auction and burgers for sale at the door.  Auction items are appreciated and are being accepted at The Storage Depot (1011 E. Houston, daytime hours) and at the Texan Theater in the evenings.

Contributions can be mailed to:

Cliff Dunn

P.O. Box 640Cleveland, Texa
Updates on fundraising efforts and other information can be found on the “Save the Texan” Facebook page. Please find that page, click “like” and share it.s 77328

To learn what movie is showing at The Texan, call 281-592-6464.

You can read more about Save the Texan and its efforts, here:

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